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Ministry of Law and Justice

Act nº 21 of 1836

  • Act nº 21 of 1836



[Act, No. 21 of 1836]

[AS ON 1956]

{Short title given by the Amending Act, 1903 (1 of 1903), Schedule I.

The Act has been declared by the Laws Local Extent Act,1874(15 of 1874),s.6,to be in force throughout the former Province of Bengal, except the Scheduled Districts.

It has been declared by notification under the Scheduled Districts Act, 1874 (14 of 1874), section 3, to be in force in--

West Jalpaiguri and the Western

Duars in the Jalpaiguri District See Gazette of India, 1881, Pt., p.74

The districts of Hazaribagh

Ranchi, Palamau and Manbhum,

and Pargana Dhalbhum and the

kolhan in the district of Singbhum,

in the Chota Nagpur Division...... Ditto 1881, Pt.I., p.504

It has also been declared to be in force in the sontal Parganas by the Sonthal Parganas Settlement Regulation, 1872 (3 of 1872), section 3.

The Act has been rep.in its application to:--

(1) Assam by Regn. 1 of 1886.

(2) Punjab by Act 17 of 1887; and

(3) Uttar Pradesh by Act 1 of 1903}

[11th September, 1836]

Section 1. Power to create new zilas

It shall be lawful for {The original words,viz., "the G.G. in C., by an Order in Council" have been successively amended by the Amending Act, 1903(1 of 1903), the Devolution Act, 1920 (38 of 1920), the A.O.1937 and the A.O.1950 to read as above.} [the State Government, by notification in the Official Gazette] to create new sails in any part of {Substituted by the A.O.1948 for "the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal".} [West Bengal] {The words "and to alter the limits of existing zilas" rep. by the Amending Act, 1903 (1 of 1903)} * * *