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Ministry of Law and Justice

Act nº 29 of 2008

  • Act nº 29 of 2008



[Act No. 29 of 2008]

[30th December, 2008]


An Act further to amend the Vice-President's Pension Act, 1997

Be it enacted by Parliament in the Fifty-ninth Year of the Republic of India as follows:--

Section 1. Short title and Commencement

(1) This Act may be called the Vice-President's Pension (Amendment) Act, 2008.

(2) Clause (i) of section 2 shall be deemed to have come into force on the 1st day of January, 2006 and the remaining provisions of this Act shall come into force at once.

Section 2. Amendment of 2

In section 2 of the Vice-Presidents Pension Act, 1997(30 of 1997) (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act),--

(i) in sub-section (1), for the words "of twenty thousand rupees", the words "at the rate of fifty per cent. of the salary of the Vice-President" shall be substituted;

(ii) in sub-section (2), for clause (c), the following clause shall be substituted, namely:--

"(c) to secretarial staff consisting of a Private Secretary, an Additional Private Secretary, a Personal Assistant and two Peons and office expenses not exceeding sixty thousand rupees per annum.".

Section 3. Amendment of 3A

In section 3 A of the principal Act, for the words "unfurnished residence", the words and brackets "furnished residence (including its maintenance)" shall be substituted.

Section 4. Insertion of New 6

After section 5 of the principal Act, the following section shall be inserted, namely:--

"6. Power to Remove Difficulties (1) If any difficulty arises in giving effect to the provisions of this Act as amended by the Vice-President's Pension (Amendment) Act, 2008, the Central Government may, by order, do anything not inconsistent with such provisions for the purpose of removing the difficulty:

Provided that no such order shall be made after the expiration of two years from the date on which this Act comes into force.

(2) Every order made under sub-section (1) shall be laid before each House of Parliament.".