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Ministry of Law and Justice

  • Act nº 3 and 4 of 1833



(3&4 Will. 4, c. 85.)

[28th August, 1833]


An Act for effecting an Arrangement with the East India Company, and for the better Government of His Majesty's Indian Territories, till the thirtieth day of April one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four.

Preamble recites 53 Geo. 3, c. 155, and the consent of the "United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies" to place their rights and property at the disposal of parliament. Rep. 53&54 Vict., c. 33(S.L.R.).

Section 1. The British territories in India to remain under the government of the company till 30th April, 1854

* * *1 The territorial acquisitions and revenues mentioned or referred to in the said Act ofthe fifty-third year of his late Majesty King Georgethe Third, together with the port and island of Bombay and all other territories now in the possession and underthe government of the said company except the island of St. Helena, shall remain andcontinue under such government until the thirtieth day of April one thousandeight hundred and fifty-four;

Real and personal property of the company tobe held in trust for the Crown, for the service of India and2 ** * all the lands and hereditaments, revenues, rents and profits of the saidcompany, and all the stores,merchandize,chattels, monies, debts, and real and personal estate whatsoever, except thesaid island of St. Helena and the stores and property thereon hereinafter mentioned, subject to the debts and liabilities nowaffecting the same respectively, and the benefit of all contracts, covenants,and engagements, and all rights to fines, penalties, and forfeitures, and other emolumentswhatsoever, which the said company shall be seised or possessed of or entitledunto on the2 * * * twenty-second day of April onethousand eight hundred and thirty-four shall remain and be vested in, and be held,received, and exercised respectively according to the nature and quality,estate and interest of and in the same respectively, by the said company, intrust for his Majesty,2 ** * for the service of the government of India, discharged of all claims of thesaid company to any profit or advantage therefrom to their own use, except thedividend on their capital stock secured to them as hereinafter is mentioned, subject to such powers and authorities forthe superintendence, direction and control over the acts, operations, andconcerns of the said company as have been already made or provided by any Actor Acts of Parliament in that behalf, or are made or provided by this Act.

1. Wordsrepealed by 53&54 Vict.c. 33 (S.L.R.), have been omitted.

2. The words "that", "said", and "his heirsand successors" were repealed by 53 & 54 Vict., c. 33 (S.L.R.).

Section 2. All privileges, powers etc., granted by 53 Geo. 3, c. 155, for the term thereby limited; and all enactments not repugnant to this Act; as also all rights and immunities of the company, to be in force till 30th April, 1854, subject to control

* * *1 all and singular the privileges, franchises, abilities,capacities, powers, authorities, whether military or civil, rights, remedies, methods of suits, penalties, forfeitures,disabilities, provisions, matters, and things whatsoever granted to orcontinued in the said united company by the said Act of the fifty-third year ofKing George the Third for and during the term limited by the said Act, and all other theenactments, provisions, matters, and things contained in the said Act, or inany other Act or Acts whatsoever which are limited or may be construed to belimited to continue for and during the term granted to the said company by thesaid Act of the fifty-third year of King George the Third so far as the same orany of them are in force, and not repealed by or repugnant to the enactments hereinaftercontained, and all powers of alienation and disposition, rights, franchises,and immunities, which the said united company now have, shall continueand be in force, and may be exercised and enjoyed, as against all personswhomsoever, subject to the superintendence, direction and control hereinbefore mentioned until the thirtieth day of Aprilone thousand eight hundred and fifty-four.

1. Enacting words repealed (U.K.), 51& 52 Vict., c. 57 (S.L.R.).

Section 3. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 4. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 5. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 6. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 7. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 8. [Repealed]

Repealed & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 9. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 10. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 11. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 12. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 13. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).

Section 14. [Repealed]

Repealed 37 & 38 Vict., c. 35 (S.L.R.).