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Ministry of Law and Justice

Act nº 5 of 2006

  • Schedules
  • Act nº 5 of 2006

Section 1. Short title

This Act may be called the Appropriation (Railways) No. 5 Act, 2006.

Section 2. Issue of Rs. 2151,98,66,700 out of the Consolidated Fund of India ot meetcertain expenditure for the year ended on the 31st day of March, 2005

From and out of the Consolidated Fund of India, the sums specified in column 3 of the Schedule amounting in the aggregate to the sum of two thousand one hundred and fifty-one crores ninety-eight lakhs sixty-six thousand and seven hundred rupees shall be deemed to have been authorised to be paid and applied to meet the amounts spent for defraying the charges in respect of the services relating to Railways specified in column 2 of the Schedule during the financial year ended on the 31st day of March, 2005, in excess of the amounts granted for those services and for that year.

Section 3. Appropriation

The sums deemed to have been authorised to be paid and applied from and out of the Consolidated Fund of India under this Act shall be deemed to have been appropriated for the services and purposes expressed in the Schedule in relation to the financial year ended on the 31st day of March, 2005.


First Schedule


(See sections 2 and 3)

1. 2. 3. No. of Vote

Services and purposes

Sums not exceeding

Voted by Parliament Charged on the Consolidated Fund Total Rs. Rs. Rs. 3. General Superintendence and Services on Railways 6,00,07,173 6,00,07,173 4. Repairs and Maintenance of Permanent Way and Works 22,63,70,163 6,02,7/3 22,69,72,876 5. Repairs and Maintenance of Motive Power 13,73,45,243 41,522 13,73,86,765 6. Repairs and Maintenance of Carriages and Wagons 53,93,22,859 14,763 53,93,37,622 9. Operating Expenses -- Traffic 48,14,51,313 48,14,51,313 10. Operating Expenses -- Fuel 60,20,84,638 50,00,000 60,70,84,638 11. Staff Welfare and Amenities 7,27,14,952 7,27,14,952 13 Provident Fund, Pension and other Retirement Benefits 7,75,814 7,75,814 14 Appropriation to Funds 479,09,54,060 479,09,54,060 16 Assets -- Acquisition, Construction and Replacement - Capital ......................................... 1458,97,03,159 1,34,78,328 1460,31,81,487 Total ............................ 2149,99,53,560 1,99,13,140 2151,98,66,700